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Personal Design Jewelry

Personal design jewelry is a piece of jewelry

Created through all stages of development

Until the finished product

And does not become part of the collection.

It is not sold online on the website,

Not found on display,

When it is ready, the client receives it,

And it is hers only.

What is called:

One Of A Kind

A piece of jewelry needs to go through a complete work process.

Each process is slightly different depending on the design and the client, but generally, this process will include the following stages:

Ideas, other inspirations, concept formulation, and the design language of the jewelry

Sketch/drawing - technical planning of the jewelry

Physical construction using the most suitable technology for the jewelry

Material integration - casting, gold treatment, finishes, settings, engraving, and more

Sometimes, there are also deviations from the planned path.

In which situations is it suitable to create custom design jewelry?

 When a client has an idea for a piece of jewelry (which can be rather original), she cannot locate something similar elsewhere.

When a client wants to duplicate a piece of jewelry that no longer exists or that the original designer is unable to recreate - for example, a vintage item that has been lost.

When you have a certain gemstone that you want to include into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

When is it inappropriate to produce custom design jewelry?

When the client is interested in a design that already exists worldwide and can be found in various jewelry stores. For example, diamond earrings, a simple Star of David pendant, etc.

When the client sends a picture of a piece of jewelry and writes: 'Can you make it exactly like this?'

Technically, I can make any piece of jewelry. But! It won't be ethical to copy a piece of jewelry that someone else has already designed, produced, invested in, and understood. Therefore, if you see a picture of a piece of jewelry that you like - it will be more accurate, logical, and economically viable to buy rather than have it custom-made.


You can get inspiration from an existing piece of jewelry and create something new and different.

When the budget is more limited, I will offer a piece of jewelry from the collection. My collection jewelry can be ordered as they are, and most of them can undergo minor changes and adjustments ☆


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