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שאלות נפוצות

  • From the ordering moment, how soon will I receive the jewelry I ordered?
    The duration of working on a collection of jewelry is 14 working days. Once the work is finished, the shipping company we work with will collect the product from the studio on the next collection day. From the day of collection from the studio, it will reach you within five business days. If you ordered a piece of jewelry in stock without personal adjustments, the work would be completed within 1-3 days from the studio. For custom-designed jewelry, the process and working time are longer, and details are specified in the specific work order according to various criteria.
  • I want to come to the studio and order jewelry. Do I need to schedule a meeting?
    Yes. Contact me by phone, and we will gladly schedule a meeting: 0528930293
  • Can I order and receive jewelry within a few hours/days?
    I prepare most of the jewelry according to order. When I finish working on the jewelry, it will leave the studio with the courier on the next collection day. Along with that, there is jewelry in stock available for immediate delivery. In case of urgency, I would be happy if you contacted me by phone to check the possibility of expediting the preparation of the jewelry with an additional fee or offer you an item from the stock.
  • I bought from you a square necklace with my children's names, and recently, a baby joined the family. Can I add a square to the existing necklace? How is it done?
    Congratulations! It's possible. The name necklace is designed to add additional squares and charms with an expanding family later. All the details are on the product page: "Adding a square to an existing necklace."
  • I have old gold jewelry not in use; can I pay with them for my order?
    Indeed, in such a case, you need to coordinate and come to the studio so I can assess and appreciate the value of the used gold.
  • Can products be shipped abroad?
    Indeed, the cost of fast and secure shipping abroad is 200 ₪.
  • Can changes be made to the product?
    Changes can be made to the jewelry collection; let's discuss the requested changes. I would like to know your preferences and create a piece of jewelry that suits you exactly.
  • Is there a warranty for the jewelry?
    Yes. According to the accompanying recommendations, a warranty of three years for well-preserved and cared-for jewelry.
  • How does the jewelry arrive?
    Through an external courier company. The courier will contact you by phone on the distribution day and deliver the order to you. During the order, please provide an address where you can receive the order throughout the day.
  • Can I return an order?
    The jewelry can be returned in its original packaging if not used within 14 days from receipt. I would happily offer another piece of jewelry or a credit for future use. It is impossible to exchange or receive a refund for personalized jewelry with an engraving, name jewelry, customised design, or special orders. A cash refund will be given for returned jewelry in its original packaging and unused within two days from the date of product receipt. In the case of a refund on a credit card, a transaction cancellation fee of 5% or 100 NIS (the lower of the two) will be deducted following the law. - please let me know if you are not satisfied with the jewelry you received. We will find a solution that is acceptable to both of us.
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