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About the Brand

KUPERWOMAN's jewelry is about connection—the countless connections between people, oneself, a place, and more. On this website, you will find jewelry inspired by my personal narratives and relationships, alongside pieces produced expressly for clients with various unique and personal stories. Understanding the story and connection is the first step in producing each item. I then transform the story from concept to graphic drawing, and then to classic workmanship, new technologies, and wax modeling—whatever the jewelry requires.

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Gal Kuperman / Designer and Goldsmith

Gal Kuperman, is a jewelry designer and goldsmith, married with children and resides in Kfar Uria. A graduate and distinguished alumna of the Jewelry Design department at Shenkar College with a BDes degree.

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אריזת תכשיטים קופרוומן

From Idea to Product

I am always thrilled to showcase a piece of jewelry that has purpose and makes a statement in addition to its beauty. Even after years in the jewelry industry, I am still fascinated by the difficult process that necessitates patience and attention to minor details, resulting in an item that has meaning for its owner—functional, artistic, and soulful. Each piece is thoroughly wrapped and given extra attention to quality and details.

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