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Returns and Shipping Policy

For KUPERWOMAN it is important that the customers wear the jewelry with joy. You should read all the details about the product you are interested in here on the website, and make sure that the size/size/color matches your desire. If you are not satisfied with the product you received, please let me know. 

  • You can receive your order by courier to the door of your home/workplace or alternatively pick up from the studio in Moshav Kfar Oriya.

  • Fast home delivery - the cost of the delivery fee is NIS 55. Upon completion of the work, the order will be collected from the studio and the delivery will be delivered to the customer within 5 business days from the day of collection. The address and phone number of the contact person receiving the delivery must be filled in.

  • The order distribution time is between 8:00 and 18:00, it is recommended to choose the address where you are during these hours. 

  • It will not be possible to deliver items on Fridays/Saturdays/holidays.

  • KUPERWOMAN is not responsible for any act and/or omission of the shipping company and will not compensate for cases of this type, including delays in delivery. 

  • In areas where the delivery company does not arrive frequently, the customer will receive the shipment according to the arrival times of the delivery company.

Terms of return / exchange of items bought on the site:

  • Anyone who purchases a product on the KUPERWOMAN website may cancel a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, within 14 days of receiving the order from the website. 

  • It will not be possible to cancel a transaction of an item that was prepared on a personal order for the customer, including a name chain and a brooch. 

  • The product can be returned at the studio in Moshav Kfar Oriya or alternatively by sending the product by registered mail or courier mail to: Gal Koperman, PO Box 120, Kfar Oriya. 

  • The tracking number given by the post office clerk should be kept for tracking and reference.

  • Instructions for safekeeping and storage are attached to the jewelry you purchased. No exchange or return will be possible due to damage caused by not following these recommendations.

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