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Sometimes a jewel tells a story, sometimes a connection becomes a jewel.

KUPERWOMAN's jewelry is inspired by the connections in life.

Connection to our relatives, connection to a place, connection to ourselves.

Gal Kuperman designs high-quality and personal gold jewelry in which connections, experiences, memories and wishes are revealed.

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nude colored star
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A personal and eternal necklace will always remind us of the connections in our lives.

In the important events of life's journey, birth, marriage, celebration, and even farewell, a necklace can be a symbol of love, loss, and hope.


Gold rings with carefully chosen gemstones and diamonds. Their distinct style, with clean and compelling lines, represents the significant individuals in your life.



The world on your wrist, minimalist yet powerful bracelets, personal and unique, just like your story.

Connecting Life's Threads

I invite you to turn a story into a piece of jewelry. Your unique, meaningful piece that will bring joy and emotion every time you wear it. I would be delighted to create the exact piece you dream of, tailored to your needs and inspired by your story.

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