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Adit Dream Necklace

Adi: "Looking at your Jewelry talks sticker, I remember and think about how it exactly describes the jewelry you made for me that I wear now. Remember that I called you about another piece of jewelry, and suddenly I found myself sharing a dream about the ultimate jewelry for me. 'Come, tell me about your dream; what kind of necklace are you dreaming of?' and with you, I had fun with the idea. I told you about a gold necklace with a crystal pendant. And where it would be placed on the body. I told you about my favorite stone. You asked which pendant shapes I like, and I shared with you that I like the elliptical shape, that speaks to my heart. I already knew then that it would be gorgeous. The joy of being able to think together, and that Gal brought to life a jewel woven in the mind and heart, and now I wear it. Thank you for that."

14K Gold, Emerald Stone, Rose Quartz Stone.


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