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"A fundamental operation that means combining two or more items into a collection that includes both"

From a design point of view, the connections are the most important places in the jewelry, they must be taken into account first in the design process.

the places where shape changes,

transition between surface and line,

between high and low,

Between metal and diamond.

Smart, high-quality and aesthetic connections will be the key to the flow of the jewelry as a complete and perfect object.

Connections are the first and most important thing in life itself. From birth to separation.

Connections change that come and go

To the society, to the place, to the time, to the nature that surrounds us.

A connection to ourselves, our spouse, our children, our parents and siblings.

Endless small and big connections, near and far.

Connections are everything in life. And also in jewelry.

Without connections we would be walking alone

Open loops and unprocessed parts are worn

without connection and agreement,

moving and oscillating in space.

Everything could fall apart in a breeze.

If not for the human connection

which is a kind of basic key but it is also the magic key to life and the world.


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