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Connection to Daniel

The connection to Daniel, to the peace and beauty she brought into the studio, happened instantly. She requested a personally designed ring. I knew her husband, Elad, from way back, from the army. Towards her birthday, he felt that I was the right person to design and create a personalized ring for her.


In our meeting, I understood what was important to Daniel for the ring to embody, and I suggested my ideas that could coexist within a single, complete ring.


We set off. Choosing stones (a perfect tourmaline and a precise black diamond), planning and building the ring, gold casting, finishes and settings. The result is before you. Daniel and Elad came to pick up the ring.


I didn't capture their reaction when she opened the box, but believe me, it was a moment I will cherish in my heart forever. A genuine, joyous reaction and excitement that I had the privilege to witness and be a part of.


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