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Gold Necklace - Yonit and Ariel

"I was honored that Yonit reached out to me from the other side of the world to celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of her eldest daughter, Ariel.

From here, you'll understand Yonit and I go way back—celebrating both of our daughters' Bat Mitzvahs. We were very close friends, growing up together at the beginning of the adolescent journey. Countless shared experiences with her are engraved in my memory, always accompanied by laughter, frolicking humor, and the brilliance of youth.

Drama class, comedic storytelling, and that first rebellious puff of a cigarette, we shared it all. 🫣.


Years have passed, and Yonit has since relocated to the great America. Nevertheless, she will always have a special place in my heart."


Yonit selected a gold necklace with a pendant featuring A, the first letter for Ariel in English. On the pendant, the letter appears upside down - the design intertwines with classic single-letter necklaces and a first name. The inverted appearance creates a new and exciting symmetry, perfect and symmetrical. Symbolically, the pendant serves as a reminder to see oneself, give oneself a place, and hear the inner voice. Everything a mother wishes to convey to her daughter when she enters adulthood.


Neil, Yonit's father, came to me before his flight to his granddaughter's Bat Mitzvah to collect the necklace and personally gift it to her. What a sweet family.

I packed the order with a big hug. ♡


Maybe it's just me, but Yonit has already gotten a little American. And she leaves me happy, cheerful voice messages. She waits a month for the celebration, and the necklace will be waiting for her on the appointed date.


The big day has here. Yonit gave Ariel the gorgeous necklace and the tale behind it for her Bat Mitzvah.


Congratulations, sweet Ariel! And thank you from the bottom of my heart, Yonit, for the opportunity to bring joy to both of you and for the memories.


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