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How it all began...

Once upon a time, before KUPERWOMAN was born, I worked part-time as an instructor in a youth home for girls in Moshav Hadid. I worked there for almost two years. The home was managed with love by a social worker, and there were great hot lunches from the mother of the house

 that felt like home-cooked meals. Various activities, trips, and workshops took place every week in our meetings and holidays.


When I arrived to replace the previous instructor, some of the girls welcomed me warmly, while others were a bit tough, but slowly, they all opened up and accepted me. Over time, a unique and genuine connection was formed.


I left the warm house just days before giving birth to my first child and wanted to give the girls farewell gifts. I knew I wouldn't go to the mall to buy them something; I wanted the gifts to be handmade by me. I approached the small work corner (which, over time, grew and wandered and became my studio). I didn't have to try too hard; it was one of those moments. I started creating, and the creation almost happened by itself. I prepared a small metal plaque with each girl's name. Each plaque was different - each girl was different and unique.


All the plaques were ready, but I needed to finish the job. I wanted to connect each plaque to a red leather cord and turn it into a personal bracelet. Later that day, my mom and sister came to visit. They were so impressed when they saw the name plaques placed side by side on my work table! And then my mom said, "I want such plaques with my grandchildren's names! Design me a piece of jewelry like that, Goli." It's so exciting when someone sees your creation and immediately connects with it.


After making the bracelets for the girls, I got to work - designing my mom a piece of jewelry that would allow her to carry her grandchildren at all times, close to her heart. At that time, she had three grandchildren (today, she has eight plaques on the same pendant). I designed a pendant with clean and minimalist lines, and the plaques were placed side by side, sometimes forward, sometimes backwards, and sometimes even forming a circle.


They have a delicate jingle, and the most exciting thing - no one else has the same jewelry.


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