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Miss Mandela's blog: Gal Kuperman's earrings - KUPERWOMAN

Gal Kuperman is the owner of the KUPERWOMAN brand, a jewelry designer and goldsmith. Gal is engaged in the design of concept jewelry from gold, diamonds and gems, in small series and personal design to order. Gal's jewelry is about connections. The connection between a person and a person, between a woman and herself, a connection to a physical place and more. She has a jewelry collection inspired by her personal stories and connections, alongside one of a kind designs she has created for clients with their own special and personal stories.

"My jewelry is made of gold, a timeless material that will allow them to continue their path to the daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters. The design line is clean, minimalistic and precise. Of all the jewelry options (necklaces, bracelets, pendants), I think that earrings at their base are the most complex to design. They They must be of an accurate weight and not too heavy, the angle at which they are seen when worn is very specific and it is important to take it into account at the beginning of the design process. They are seen from the front in one way, and from the profile in a completely different way, and of course we must not forget the element of movement and swaying in them, which happen in bags but they are In fact, an important part of the charm. I really like the meeting that happens between the finished earrings and the customer who comes to pick them up from the studio, after I have finished the job. The customer is expecting and excited (and so am I), the earrings are ready and ready. If necessary, I help her wear them and the earrings take their new place . It's a small moment in which we see for the first time a perfect match between the woman and the piece of jewelry. A very satisfying moment for me as a designer."


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