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Ring for Ronit - "Ziva Ring"

Ronit only recently become acquainted with me through Pilates. But I've known her for about 30 years, thanks to television.  I have been following her activities in customer communication, including presentations, workshops, and consulting. It has been a pleasure and an inspiration to learn from her.


Imagine my excitement when Ronit approached me and wanted me to create a personalized piece inspired by her mother's ring. Ronit wore her mother's ring for many years until, one day, she lost it. Working with Ronit was very emotional for me, as I found myself facing the queen of 'customer communication'—from the perspective of a professional in the field.


Even though a large audience followed the process of this ring on social media, what stood out for me was Ronit's special connection to the ring.


I am proud to say that this time, the result is stunning in its beauty. In a miraculous way, when Ronit came to the studio to pick up the ring, it seemed to me as if this ring had always been there, on her finger. Their compatibility was simply ideal.


In great excitement, Ronit told me that this amazing ring, with its clean architectural design and unmistakable resemblance to the original ring, provides the unique feeling of something you love and lost returning to you after years.


Thank you from the depths of my heart, Ronit, for choosing me to execute this unique project. Your new ring is so powerful—a true beauty.

Ring details: 14K Yellow Gold, Onyx Stone.

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