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Ronit Kfir's blog: work process

"The process of restoring my mother's ring reminded me how pleasant it is to work with professionals, from the client's side. Every step of working with Gal Kuperman on the ring illustrated to me how much our decisions as clients are based on connection and emotion, and how essential good, assertive and professional communication is For the entire process. A post documenting the work process and communication with conclusions, thoughts and insights."

My mother had stunning jewelry. She was not considered a fashionista in any way, but she had a fondness for avant-garde jewelry - bizarre, cool, big and colorful.

Among the multitude of brooches, earrings and rings she bequeathed to me (or rather, I inherited from her) there was a special ring that I really loved. I wore it for years and received a lot of compliments on it, until, as is the way with small items, it was lost. I have no idea how and where it happened, I know that one day she was gone. It must have been more than 15 years ago. Maybe even more than 20. It was an architectural silver ring in its construction, with a narrow black stone at the end. She slapped my long fingers and also my mother's beautiful hands, may her memory be blessed. When I appeared on television in the early nineties, my mother's friends would tell me that they were excited to see how much my hands resembled hers, with her rings on them. I started writing this post even before I had the ring in my possession, and I am finishing it with it on the ring finger of my left hand, the place from which it seems it has never moved.


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