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Walla! house magazine: rented and magical in Kfar Oriya

In the heart of the Judean lowlands, surrounded by open spaces and a picturesque landscape, there is a small house in the village. Authentic vintage furniture, large windows and excellent air for NIS 4,400 per month. We popped in for a visit.

Where did we get to?

Moshav Kfar Oriya, for a land house measuring 70 square meters, which includes 3 rooms and a large yard.

The Kuperman family: Gal (33), Ben (37) and Alma (2.5). She designs concept jewelry under the "KUPERWOMAN" brand. "There is a lot of beautiful jewelry in the world, therefore, it is important for me to pour unique content into the design, the meaning of which will be an integral part of the experience of wearing and buying." Ben is also involved in art, while he divides his time between creating wood and refurbishing furniture, and working in a factory. "I like to use objects that existed even before, with a story and history."


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