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Wind Spirits Ring Details

Yael came to me wanting a personalized ring, but needed to figure out the exact ring type or the direction. She mentioned that she loves 'grandmother's gold,' referring to rose gold. Yael wanted the ring to be prominent and reasonably wide but somewhat subtle. Some findings I noted in my meeting with Yael: a classic and integrating ring, old-fashioned, the possibility of a small gemstone as a highlight, a warm and soulful ring.

Yael also shared her love for the desert, describing it as a place that brings her joy. She wanted to go there to distances where the spaces were so powerful for her. It immediately occurred to me that it should be a signet ring. From the points I noted earlier, and because Yael is a woman who leaves a mark, I suggested the idea of a signet ring. Initially, she wasn't sure, but the next day, she called and said that the idea of a signet ring ignited her, and that's what she wanted. We started with sketches, and from there, the design process, production, precision, and decisions evolved as we progressed. Since Yael and the ring met, they have been inseparable.

Yael gave it a name: 'Wind Spirits.' 14K Rose Gold, Sapphire Stone.



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