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Yael's Names Necklace

Yael approached me at the perfect time, during the work on the entire collection for the Names Necklace. I knew that in this collection, there would be a necklace adorned with gemstones, and as it often happens, I plan to make a piece of jewelry, and someone comes to me asking for exactly that kind of jewelry. So, Yael wanted a necklace in the style of my Names Necklace, set with gemstones. The Necklace is made of 14K gold and set with topaz and ruby stones. Yael shares, "The Necklace was born with the birth of my second daughter.

I wanted to pamper myself with jewelry for the birth and celebrate my being a mother, a woman, and my journey in femininity. I was looking for a necklace that would feel precise, and then the meeting with Gal happened. Besides being a neighbor/friend, she is also generous. It was enjoyable. The joint thinking process, the deliberation on which gemstones to set and how to place all the elements together, concentrated into one moment when the Necklace was ready. Gal handed it to me, and it was just what I wanted. What a joy to be able to think together, and that Gal brought to life a jewel woven in the mind and heart, and now I wear it. Thank you for that."

14K Gold,

Topaz Stones,

Ruby Stone.


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